Friday, December 19, 2008

Damn big rigs!

Well, I'm back. Of course, it's only to bitch about spending more money on the Saab. This time, however, it's not Vig's fault. While driving the other day a big rig idiot decided he wanted to be exactly where I was. Since two solid objects can't occupy the same space (at least not in this reality), I had to swerve fiercely to the right to avoid getting crushed. All the while, Jonah's in the backseat watching birds (the top was down) and talking to himself—ah, the obliviousness of youth!

To prove my theory that two solid objects can't occupy the same space, there was a kindly curb corner where I was trying to be. Right front wheel, meet curb corner. Curb corner, meet right front wheel. I pulled over into a parking lot (which was conveniently there) and when I was finished cursing and screaming, got out to check my wheel. Curb 1-Vig Wheel 0.

I guess I'm lucky that my tire didn't blow. The wheel has bent in and my alignment now sucks. After a lot of internet searching, I finally found my wheel online. Of course it's discontinued, but my luck has held out and I think I'm getting the last one on the planet. It's even local (Miami, but that's close enough) so I'm hoping it will arrive on Monday (12/22).