Saturday, August 30, 2008

Breaking the 4k mark (and NOT in a good way)

The list goes on. Here's where we are to date (the items in blue are the latest additions):

$ 16.00 8/29 new right low bulb
$240.00 8/29 install new hand brake (p & l)
$150.00 8/29 replace oil sending unit (p & l)
$302.00 8/29 labor for installing AC compressor
$212.47 8/26 refurbished AC compressor (eBay)
$253.00 8/11 new microswitch and shear pin (p & l)
$ 76.84 8/08 new left corner light (eBay)
$108.59 07/08 new battery
$ 81.25 7/08 used DIC (eBay)
$361.54 7/08 2 new tires, oil change
$ 67.79 3/08 oil change
$164.08 3/08 new front tire
$107.87 09/07 new ACC control panel (eBay)
$ 91.96 7/07 program keyless, new HLs
$455.76 7/07 new tie rods, check vert**
$ 37.84 7/07 keyless remote (eBay)
$ 26.95 7/07 keyless remote (eBay)
$113.57 5/07 oil change, new wipers
$ 51.80 5/07 new spark plugs
$164.08 4/07 new rear tire
$209.47 1/07 serpentine belt and idler pulley
$224.33 1/07 replace inter. pipe/ctr. muffler (labor)
$360.00 1/07 inter. pipe/ctr. muffler (parts)
$209.67 12/06 replace front brake pads
$ 60.93 12/06 oil change
$125.00 8/06 new third brake light

And the grand total is: $4273.79

Do you think we're done yet? If you said "yes" you'd be wrong!
  • I still need a new front bumper (quoted at $1390.89, p & l).
  • The fuel filter appears to be the original. It looks like the PO didn't bother with the suggested 60K maintenance (I'm shocked!) so I will need to dish out $499.95 for this service.
Of course, this is as of 8/30/08—wanna bet I add more to this list before the year is out???!!!


  1. Remind me not to purchase a Saab. :(

  2. Believe it or not, I would recommend a Saab to almost anyone. :)

    I would say don't ever purchase a Saab (or ANY car) without knowing the maintenance history first. This is what has been my undoing. Thankfully, most of the catch-up work has been done. Now it's just maintenance (keeping my fingers crossed). :)

  3. Just lucked up on your blog as I was researching the Viggen for a possible purchase. I was actually looking to buy a 2002 Saab Viggen 4 door. I have to ask but how much of your expenses just came from buyers remorse and how much is actual up keep?

  4. Hi the_izz,

    to answer your question, it honestly depends on your point of view. Most of the items listed above are true maintenance items. My particular problems lies with the fact that the previous owner did not do any upkeep, it appears, so everything went to hell--and all at the same time! Since this list was updated at the end of August, the Vig drives like a DREAM! I still have a few things that need to be done, but most of it is cosmetic.

    My advice to you is to get all of the maintenance records and ensure the car has been maintained. My source for brilliant Saab info/help is www[dot][dot]php

    Check them out and ask any questions. The community is great. Good luck! I'd love to hear if you decided to buy. :)

  5. Thank you for the advice. Keep doing your thing. You never know if your blogging will be found by someone here in cyber space. :P

  6. Hi the_izz,

    This is 1 of 5 blogs, and when the Saab runs well, I don't have anything to rant about, LOL!

  7. Who knew it? I knew it. More money to dish out before the end of the year! Stupid trucks!!!