Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm topless!!

Went to the mechanic on Friday and he fixed the mangled microswitch, tightened the lines, and found out that my shear pin had busted so he fixed that too. He even gave me the circle frame for the back seat light. This makes me much happier with my car. :)

Check it out:

I was so giddy about having a vert that works, I lowered it for a 10 minute trip to the grocery store! We also went to Daytona yesterday (Sunday). Lesson learned: when driving for 45 minutes, with the top down, on the way to the beach, when it's 94, wear sunscreen. :) That's why I look like a boiled lobster:

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  1. Looking good! Very good, indeed. I think you made the right choice to do the top fix before the sender repair to keep your motivation up. A convertible windscreen will probably make the topless life much better, too (keeps your hair out of your face). Keep an eye out for a used one - I found one for $50 (retails for $3-400) a while back.

    Treat the leather with some cleaner and conditioner for some lovin' (rubbin') and keep up with the fluid changes. Clay/Polish/Wax Vig and I'm confident that you'll be motivated enough for a good year or so :o)

    Pay your indy a visit every now and then and get chummy with them. Even if you don't have any issues, dropping off a cool 6pk of their favourite beverage, "just because", is a good thing. Ask for some free advice, and let them feel like you're depending on them. There will, for sure, be some big repairs that will bebefit from the delivery of that simple 6pk of suds. It saved my skin (wallet, too) several times with this Saab and the Saab before.

    Get to know your Saab - take a peek at the "Easter Egg" thread on the 9-3 forum at SC. Fun stuff to get to know your Vig, for free!

    Lastly, congratulations on the successful fix of your convertible top! Keep a tube of Banana Boat in your glove box!

    James (Route246)