Monday, August 25, 2008

Revenge of the Saab: Part 2

I love my guys at SC. They are always so helpful. I was ready to take the engine apart and put in a shorter belt to bypass the AC compressor. Then reason took hold. While they may be equipped with a massive garage and every tool imaginable, I do not. So, I patiently waited until my indie guy opened at 7:30 this morning and called him.

While he may err on the side of caution-with-a-helmet-and-a-life-preserver, he said call your insurance and see if a tow is covered (I have roadside assistance). It's covered. Tow-boy Rob (I'm not sure he was old enough to drive, let alone drive a huge flatbed tow truck) showed up about 3:00 to take the car to the shop. My heart stopped and I almost pee'd myself when he got out of the car and it started to roll backwards (for those of you who follow the saga, we have no handbrake right now). He righted it and everything was peachy-keen.

Guy at Swede Central confirmed that the Vig made it safe and sound. He'll be confirming its diagnosis tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned...

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