Saturday, August 2, 2008

What Vig has cost me...

...since 8/22/06

While I'm afraid to add this up, I'm interested to see how much $$ I've put into Vig. My buddies at SaabCentral say it's well worth it—I'm skeptical.

**Normal maintenance updated, based on feedback from my buddies at SaabCentral (and yes, they say it's well worth it!) There are a few items that Saaboheme, whose opinion and feedback I value, listed as normal w & t, but with which I must disagree.

I have split the difference with the tires. Two new tires in 2 years, cool. Four new tires in 2 years when I drive about 8-10k miles a year, not cool.

I also did not include the center muffler nor the intermediate pipe as "normal" w & t. These were rusted through, which I don't consider "normal." :)

Whether normal w & t or not, the total is still the same—$3100 in 2 years. I still feel that's excessive.

$ 76.84 8/08 new left corner light (eBay)
$108.59 07/08 new battery
$108.59 07/08 new battery
$ 81.25 7/08 used DIC (eBay)
$361.54 7/08 2 new tires, oil change
$361.54 7/08 2 new tires, oil change
$ 67.79 3/08 oil change
$164.08 3/08 new front tire
$107.87 09/07 new ACC control panel (eBay)
$ 91.96 7/07 program keyless, new HLs
$455.76 7/07 new tie rods, check vert**
$ 37.84 7/07 keyless remote (eBay)
$ 26.95 7/07 keyless remote (eBay)
$113.57 5/07 oil change, new wipers
$ 51.80 5/07 new spark plugs
$164.08 4/07 new rear tire
$209.47 1/07 serpentine belt and idler pulley
$209.47 1/07 serpentine belt and idler pulley
$224.33 1/07 replace inter. pipe/ctr. muffler (labor)
$360.00 1/07 inter. pipe/ctr. muffler (parts)
$209.67 12/06 replace front brake pads
$209.67 12/06 replace front brake pads
$ 60.93 12/06 oil change
$125.00 8/06 new third brake light

And the grand total is: $3099.32

The items in blue are things that are normal maintenance and expected, and the ** includes an $85 labor charge to look at and diagnose my vert. How's this for wasted money—the diagnosis was a brand new hydraulic pump to the tune of three grand. Turns out it's really just a microswitch, for $253. Needless to say, I will not be going back to Euro Specialists any time soon.

How's that for an eye-opener. And we're not even done, folks. Come on back to see what's comin' up...


  1. I've read your post and hatre to say that everything you described is normal wear and tear. You paid too much for tires and are geting ripped off by 60 dollar oil changes. PLUS spark plugs are under ten dollars for 4 and the tool is in the trunk. - So your getting ripped there too. Tie rod ends are cheap, so you got ripped there. etc etc. So my advice would be to find a new mechanic, cause whoever you are going to is charging way too much. oil change and wipers for over $100 bucks! You could easily knock off a thousand dollars by doing some simple things yourself Oil, wipers, spark plugs. and then find someone else that is cheaper to do the stuff you can't (tie rods, mount tires, etc) Check ebay for deals on tires. I got 4 tires delivered mounted & balanced for 270. Each tire was listed at $170 a piece, so you can figure out how much i saved. Muffler rust unless you get stainless. Depends on a lot of factors including weather... So you shouldn't be so hard on the car as to say it is costing more than it should.

  2. Nice ride Paul! I love the red. Maybe my expectations were too high. I agree that there is always upkeep, it just seems like the previous owner didn't bother to do any of it and now I'm stuck with it. I don't know of any of my friends or family who have had this much car trouble in this amount of time. I can only hope that once I get "caught up" with what's wrong I can start to actually "maintain."

    I did find a new mechanic. The guy I was going to previously not only overcharged me, but misdiagnosed quite a few things.

    I have also tried to DIY as much as possible. Just today I installed my new corner light myself, checked my spark plugs and replaced my DIC. :)